Cast Members

Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming
Amy Fleming was only 15 when her mother died from her injuries in a car accident in which she was involved. Amy was in the hospital and missed her mother's funeral. Amy inherited her mother's gift of horse curing. When Amy returned home she decided to carry on her mother's work healing abused or damaged horses including the horse that her mother gave her life to save named Spartan. Amy also had to deal with the return of her older sister Lou who had been living in New York City for the previous four years. Before Amy's mother died, she agreed to allow Ty Borden to live at Heartland as part of his probation and when he arrived, Amy's grandfather went with his daughters wishes. Ty grows close to Amy and becomes best friends with her, later falling in love but they soon have a heartbreaking break up. Though later on, while working with a pair of horses, they manage to make amends. In the last episode of Heartland season 5, Ty secretly makes plans to propose to Amy, but after hearing her say how they should never "tie themselves down," backs out of his proposal. However Amy, after hearing his phone ringing and going to answer it, goes through his bag and ends up finding the ring; thus leaving the season on a cliffhanger. At the beginning of season 6 she and Ty discuss the ring and marriage, and a few episodes later, Ty finds the perfect moment to proposes to Amy, and she accepts. Lou and Amy give each other good advice.

Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise "Lou" Fleming Morris
Amy's practical older sister. At the beginning of the series she moves back home from her job in New York to help run Heartland. She eventually meets her future husband Peter online, thanks to Lisa, and starts a secret relationship with him due to knowing Jack wouldn't approve, but starts to have a public relationship with him. The couple marry at the end of season 3. They move to Dubai, but she soon feels very alone in such a foreign country and grows to miss Heartland and her family. When they move back home, Lou finds out she is pregnant. She later gives birth to a baby girl, whose name is Catherine Marion Minnie Fleming Morris. Lou and her husband Peter buy Mr. Hanley's house from Mrs. Bell and they are planning to move into it. At first Lou wants to return to New York, but soon gets used to being back home in Canada. Lou and Tim are also seen to be close.

Graham Wardle as Ty Borden
Amy's fiance with a troubled past. As a child, Ty was abused by his stepfather Wade and is arrested and sent to Juvenile hall after attacking him when he was assaulting his mother. For his probation he was sent to Heartland to work. He soon begins to enjoy his life there and decides to stay. Jack treats Ty like a son and is very proud of him especially after he earned his high school diploma and his dreams to become a vet. Ty dated Kit Bailey, a local cowgirl, for a time before admitting his feelings for Amy. They have been together ever since but in recent episodes have come to a tragic breakup, though while working with a pair of horses, they manage to talk things through. Ty buys a ring with plans to propose to Amy in the final episode of Season 5, but after hearing how they should never "tie themselves down" from Amy, leaves the room and goes outside; clearly thinking twice about proposing. After he leaves, his phone rings and when Amy goes to answer it, she finds the ring. In Season 6 Ty and Amy come to agreement to wait and Ty gets accepted to vet school. After a few episodes Ty and Amy find themselves in the perfect moment while camping and he proposes to her. She accepted leaving them engaged. In the books Ty's last name is Baldwin.

Chris Potter as Timothy "Tim" Fleming
Amy's and Lou's father who leaves them. Later after Amy and Lou's mother dies he eventually begins to come back into the picture and becomes a regular character. He begins to date his jockey named Janice. In Season 4 it is announced that Tim has an 11 year old son named Shane from his ex-girlfriend Miranda. At the end of Season 5 it is announced that Miranda has feelings for Tim. In the books, Tim was in a wheelchair for a while, but when he got better he moved to Australia with his new wife and daughter. He runs a high-level horse farm that focuses on training jumpers and eventers.

Shaun Johnston as Jackson "Jack" Bartlett
Amy and Lou's grandfather and Marion's father. After Marion dies, he helps Amy and Ty maintain Heartland and its horses and is the one to fix everything. Jack also accepts Ty's proposal to marry Amy and also gives him his blessings in order to propose to Amy.

Jessica Amlee as Mallory Wells
A friend of the family who visits frequently. She is mostly known for talking too much and getting into everyone's personal lives, which often gets her into trouble though sometimes she does have her own wise moment. She has two love interests throughout the series whose names are Jake and Badger. She is hired by Lou to babysit Catherine, which sometimes annoys her, though she really does like helping everyone out. Later in Season 5 she falls for a boy who is only interested in her dad's music, but breaks up with him. She is shown to still have lingering feelings for Jake. At the end of Season 5 she announces, much to her dismay, that she is moving to Nashville, Tennessee because of her father's music career. Mallory eventually returns home to Canada in Season 6. In the "Chestnut Hill" Series Mallory is a student at Chestnut Hill and her last name is O'Neil.

Nathaniel Arcand as Scott Cardinal                                                                  A good Native Canadian friend of the Bartlett/Fleming household who is also Heartland's one and only vet. Marion had changed his life in a good way from the past bad boy that he was. Scott previously had a relationship with Lou and regrets the fact that he lost her and did not try harder to get her back. In the books, Scott's last name is Trewin, he has a little brother named Matt and he marries Lou and they have a daughter named Holly Marion Trewin.

 Kerry James as Caleb O'Dell 
Caleb is an Irish Canadian ranch hand hired by Jack after Ty leaves for 4 months. In the beginning he is rather husky, has feelings for Amy and develops a strong rivalry with Ty over Amy. He and Amy are a couple for a short period, but Amy soon goes back to Ty. He grows close to and falls in love with Ashley; eventually getting married. Before they were married, Caleb goes to a rodeo and gets injured severely. After a long battle with pills and alcohol, much like Tim's, he manages to come out okay, but much thinner. After a difficult marriage, he gets a divorce with Ashley. Afterwards, he becomes depressed for a brief period of time. Caleb loves his American Quarter Horse Shorty. In the "Chestnut Hill" series Caleb's last name is Smith and he's a rider at Saint Kits.

 Gabriel Hogan AS PETER MORRIS
Toronto born Gabriel Hogan comes from an acting family, as both his parents; Michael Hogan and Susan Hogan are well known to television viewers. In fact, on an episode from Season 5 of Heartland, in a case of life imitating art, Michael and Susan played Peter's parents - the first time the three of them appeared on screen together playing parents and a son. Tall, with leading man looks, Gabriel has been acting on television and in films since he was young. On television he is known for his roles as Ian Farnham in "Traders" and as Mitch Barsworth in "The Associates," but he has appeared in numerous television movies and mini-series, including "Flashpoint" and "The Bridge" and most recently as young Joe Kennedy in "The Kennedys." He also played Danny Sless in 21 episodes over two seasons on "King." Other television movies Gabe has been in include "Murder in the Hamptons," "Crazy Canucks," "Widow on the Hill" and "Mayday." His feature film work includes roles in "Peacekeepers," "Canada Russia '72" (playing Ken Dryden), "The One," "Head In The Clouds," "Accidental Friendship" and "Show Me."

Born and raised in Vancouver, twelve year old Alisha Newton begins her second season as Georgie on Heartland.
She began acting in TV commercials at age 4 and started taking on TV and film roles when she was 8. In 2010 she was cast as a series regular for a Warner Bros/CW pilot as well as landing a role on "Supernatural”.
2013 has been a big year with Alisha winning a Young Artist Award in Los Angeles for best supporting actress in a TV series for Heartland. Then the 20th Century Fox feature film “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” was released with Alisha playing young Annabeth. Recently she was nominated for a Union of BC Performers / ACTRA Award for her work last year on Heartland.
Off screen, Alisha spends time with her family, friends, and her Australian Shepherd “Zoey”. Her hobbies include swimming, skiing and horseback riding.